New Treasurer Still Required for 2022

Our current treasurer, Jenny Smith will be retiring at the end of the financial year. We are urgently looking for someone to fill this position on the County Executive Committee as soon as possible, to shadow Jenny and take over as soon as possible after the 2021 AGM.

Below is a summary of what the role entails, and Jenny will be pleased to discuss the role in further detail should you be interested. Her details can be found on the list of officers with contact details on this website.

• Good knowledge of Excel spreadsheets.
• Reasonable financial skills.
• Good communication, negotiating and organisational skills.
• Work as part of a team and make appropriate contributions when required.
• Maintain two bank accounts and produce balance sheets when necessary.
• Ensure proper records are kept.
• Liaise with the golf clubs in the county regarding affiliation fees.
• Appoint an auditor and prepare accounts for audit at the year end.

Please note that we are also still looking for someone to take the position of Assistant Secretary so would appreciate it if you could spread the word amongst your members.