Second Team Results 2021

The following are the match results for the second team this season:

18th July v Leicestershire at Lingdale - Notts lost 6½ - 2½
21st July v Leicestershire at Beeston - Nott lost 7 - 2

3rd August v Lincolnshire at Norwood - Notts lost 5½ - 3½
18th August v Lincolnshire at Ashby Decoy - Notts lost 5½ - 3½

The results don’t quite tell an accurate story. Although we lost all of the matches, the games were mostly extremely close, well-fought affairs, often finishing on the 17th or 18th. Throughout, our players battled hard and played some excellent golf, always with a fantastic sporting spirit. This year we had 10 debutants, and a total of 17 players took part over the four matches. The squad were: Bernie Barton, Charlie Inger, Claire Wilson, Julie Revill, Lesley Morris, Millie Marsh, Suzi Anderson, Audrey Macmillan, Ava Wapplington, Bev Cook, Cheryl Gee, Hailey Laverty, Lizzie Wood, Lorraine Howd, Lynne Inman, Jan Calder and Rosemary Lockwood. While this had its drawbacks, perhaps lessening our consistency, it had the huge benefit of introducing new, keen players to the squad, thus deepening our pool for future seasons. Hopefully we will have gained lots of valuable experience!

I have thoroughly enjoyed running the team this season. It’s been a real pleasure for me, and I’m sure for Caron too, to support the team from the sidelines. Next year things will hopefully be more normal, making planning easier. We aim to hold some training/practice sessions before the start of the season, ideally involving potential first and second team players, and including appropriate juniors where possible. We will need to coordinate with the Junior organisers so that our respective sessions complement each other.

Audrey Macmillan (Senior Vice-Captain)

2nds Match 1a 2nds match 2a
 Team v Leicestershire at Lingdale  Team v Leicestershire at Beeston
2nds match 3a 2nds Match 4a 
 Team v Lincolnshire at Norwood  Team v Lincolnshire at Ashby Decoy