County Matches 2019

Team 2019aThe 2019 County Matches are taking place this week (24th - 26th June) at the Shropshire Golf Centre near Telford in Shropshire.

It was a great first day for Notts with a 4-1 win against Leicestershire in the morning. With wins for Esme Hamilton and Libby Kilbride in the singles and Vicki Johnson with Caron Harrison and Rachael Bolton with Jodie Peacock in the foursomes.

Then a halved match in the afternoon against Lincolnshire with wins for Libby Kilbride in the singles, and Rachael Bolton and Jodie Peacock in the foursomes. With the half secured by Lauren Spray on the final hole.

The bad weather meant the second day morning matches had to be stopped after the first few holes. Play re-started at 2pm for Notts v Derbyshire. In what is a very competitive matchup, Notts got the early points on the board from Rachael Bolton and Jodie Peacock, continuing their winning ways in the foursomes and a win for Esme Hamilton on the 15th in the singles. With three matches in the balance Derbyshire managed to pull off the closest of wins. Unlucky Notts losing out 3-2.

Notts played Staffs and the delayed match v Shropshire on the final day of MNR County finals. Notts were narrowly defeated 3-2 by Staffs. In a match which could have gone either way Esme Hamilton and Jodie Peacock secured good wins. All three other matches were closely contested to the final couple of holes, even to the final putt. Notts had better fortunes in the final match with a 4-1 win against Shropshire. Wins for Esme Hamilton, Amelia Wan, Jodie Peacock, and Rachel Bolton with Leonie Muir in the foursomes.

Thank you to all the players, everyone contributing to the teams score and playing some great golf in very competitive, close matches. Well done to our two Rookies Amelia Wan and Leonie Muir, both won points. Also, well done to our County Champion, leading out the singles matches and playing the top players from each County, Esme won four from five matches. Jodie Peacock won all her five matches, three foursomes with Rachael Bolton, and her two singles matches. Rachael Bolton won four from five foursomes matches.

Notts came fourth. Our congratulations go to a strong Lincolnshire side who go on to represent MNR in the national County finals in September.

Carol Houghton
County Captain

All information is available on our County Matches page.