Recommendations for Inclement Weather

Because of situations arising due to the recent spell of very wet weather the NCLGA Executive Committee felt it was necessary to make some recommendations to advise clubs on procedures with regard to postponements, suspensions and resumptions of play in the case of matches affected by inclement weather. The following apply to both the NCLGA League and Interclub Matches:

If a course is closed or unplayable then the match should be re-arranged as soon as possible and in good time before the deadline/next round. (e.g. end of September for scratch, silver and bronze leagues and before the next round of the interclub).
In extremely inclement conditions, the two team captains may agree to play the match over fewer holes as long as both are in agreement and it is decided before the match commences.
If conditions worsen once play has commenced, and the match has to be suspended, it should resume from where it was suspended either on the same day or on another day. The result of completed matches should stand as played and uncompleted matches should be continued at a later time or date. Any matches that cannot be completed as scheduled should be considered tied.
If any matches have to be completed on another day each team is free to alter its original team.