MNR Scratch Matches - Round 2

Chevin2016Chevin golf club in Derbyshire on Monday 8th August was the venue for our girls scratch team to play their second round of league matches, in the morning against Leicestershire and in the afternoon against Lincolnshire.

None of the girls had played the course before but they were glad to have their electric trollies to climb the hills, fortunately it was a bright an relatively dry day so they could enjoy the views from the top of the course!

In the morning the girls won 4-2 which was a great result as the girls tried to plot their way around a course they had not seen before. They quickly worked out they had to keep the ball in play and aim for the high parts of the fairways.

In the afternoon, they continued their form and patience to bring home another win 4-2.

Special mention to Charlie Inger making her scratch team debut and Leonie Muir her county debut, having only just got her first handicap of 12 a few months earlier! The rookies won both their matches, well done. Charlotte Hazelwood also made her return to the team after being injured last season but went out and had a convincing win.

Scratch League Match v Leicestershire

Nottinghamshire Points Score Leicestershire Points Score
Esme Hamilton ½ A/S Emily Dunne ½ A/S
Kristina Lazarevic 0   Olivia Barrs 1 3&1
Charlotte Parker 1 5&4 Beth Swaine 0  
Sharna Betteridge ½ A/S Claire Keogh ½ A/S
Leonie Muir 1 5&4 Lucy Fisher Garfield 0  
Charlie Inger 1 3&2 Katie Leck 0  


Scratch League Match v Lincolnshire

Nottinghamshire Points Score Lincolnshire Points Score
Esme Hamilton 1 2&1 Ellie Haughton 0  
Kristina Lazarevic 0   Tilly Kedzlie 1 5&3
Sharna Betteridge 1 6&5 Izzy Haughton 0  
Charlotte Hazelwood 1 5&4 Emma Keay 0  
Leonie Muir 1 7&6 Georgia Mann 0  
Charlie Inger 0   Amy Fletcher 1 2&1