Individual Coaching Bursaries

NCLGA are please to announce these will continue in 2016 having been successfully trialed in 2015.
The application form for these bursaries can be downloaded and needs to be returned by Sunday 10th April. The applications will then be reviewed and bursaries awarded in late April.

The bursaries are aimed at developing potential talent so are not purely based on current ability. They also allow for a girl to retain their current coach rather than offering county coaching in a group session which may be with a different coach. It could also be used to address a specific skill gap with a specialist coach such as short game or putting.
As there is a finite amount of money allocated for the bursaries, we anticipate we will be awarding an amount of between £60-100 for each successful applicant. The criteria we will be using to assess the applications are as follows:

• Their handicap and their age
• Accessibility to play and practice
• Progress within the last 12 months
• Recommendation from coaching pros
• Commitment to golf
• How the bursary will help

Once a bursary is granted the player has until the end of September to use it and will be required to fill in a feedback form.