Matches in 2017

The format of the Midland North Region League will continue this year in line with the changes in 2016, however there is one minor change. The scratch team will be reduced from 6 players to 5 and the handicap team will increase from 4 players to 5.

There are also two friendly matches in the diary again this year – these are for higher handicap girls to introduce them to county golf matches and provide some match play experience.

Match availability sheets will be emailed to the relevant girls in March.

Nipper's Tour

This is open to boys and girls under 12 years on January 1st 2016 and there are 7 events, all 9 holes or less depending on age. If a girl would prefer to play in an all girls group, just put this on the application form. The idea is to get out on to a course and have fun.
We’re pleased to report that a handicap system has been introduced this year for all participants. For those who have a club handicap that will be used, for those who don’t, a Nipper’s tour handicap will be allocated.

Nottinghamshire Golf Competitions - Junior Order of Merit and Rookies Tour

These competitions will be run again in 2017:

  • The JOOM has 6 events and is open to anyone under 18 on 1st Jan 2017 with a handicap of 36 or less.
  • There are prizes for the overall best 3 aggregate scores for girls, in both gross and nett categories.

The Rookies tour is run in conjunction with the JOOM and has 4 events. It is open to those aged 12 on 1st Jan 2017 who do not have a handicap or have one which is 37+

Girls Get Together Days

We will continue the girls get together this year with two dates provisionally in the diary, and we hope to have a third one later in the season.
On each day we will have the team squads come together in the morning for skills coaching and they will play 18 holes in the afternoon. The less experienced girls will then arrive after lunch and have a coaching session in the afternoon followed by a 9 hole challenge.

Coaching Bursaries

The coaching bursaries will run again this year. For those unaware, any junior girls under 18 on 1st Jan 2017 can apply for a bursary which could be up to £100 for individual coaching. The applications must be submitted by Sunday 23rd April and will be awarded based on a combination of potential ability, progress and commitment to developing their golf.

Successful applications will see the bursaries issued in early May and they should be used by the end of September.

Girls Golf Rocks

This new initiative within Nottinghamshire launched last year and saw over 50 girls try golf within the county, around 30 of them carried on with coaching and 10 of them attended NCLGA par 3 events since then.

The project will run again this year with taster days in April /May for any girls who are new to golf at Coxmoor, Stanton, Beeston and Norwood. Each taster session is then followed by a subsided coaching programme and culminates in a par 3 competition at Norwood in June.

We have 7 of the county girls acting as ambassadors to help with this project so you might see them on the posters advertising the events. However, we need help from all of you to advertise the programme, maybe within your schools, other sports clubs, guides or brownies? This is an excellent opportunity to help build girls golf in Nottinghamshire so posters will be circulated as soon as we have them.

Tracker Forms

For anyone who has not completed one of these please return the completed form prior to the start of the season, as we need the information/consent to ensure the safety of girls at any events we run.
If you have filled one in previously there is no need to return it again unless any details have changed (especially contact details or medical issues).

Information Downloads

Diary Dates 2017 pdf
Newsletter Feb 2017
Bursary Application Form 2017
Tracker Form 2017 pdf
Code of Conduct for Junior Players and Parents pdf
Code of Conduct for Adults and Volunteers working with NCLGA Juniors