Rule of the Month

February 2021

Rule 16.3 Embedded Ball

Relief is available for an Embedded Ball in the General Area (the Fairway AND the Rough) except when the ball is in sand in the General Area that is not cut to fairway height or less, OR there is interference from anything else such as a bush.

Embedded ball

Embedded Ball reliefIf the player is unsure whether or not the ball is embedded in its own pitch-mark as a result of the player’s previous stroke, and part of the ball is below the level of the ground, the player must first mark the ball, and is then allowed to lift the ball to check. The ball cannot be cleaned, unless on the Putting Green. If the ball is found to be embedded, relief is available as shown.

A ball is NOT embedded if it has been pushed into the ground because someone has stood on it, if it has been driven straight into the ground without becoming airborne, or has been dropped in taking relief under a Rule.