Rule of the Month

July 2020

Identifying the Ball since January 2019

Identify Ball

  • If you see a ball and cannot see your identification mark on it you MUST still mark the ball to identify it. You can then lift the ball (or rotate it) to ensure it is your ball.
  • There is now no requirement to announce or for your opponent or fellow-competitor to observe the identifying.
  • The ball cannot be cleaned unless completely covered in mud and then can only be cleaned to the extent necessary to identify it.
  • If it is your ball you MUST replace the ball on the original spot – if it is deep in the rough it must be replaced deep in the rough, if it is under sand in a bunker it must be replaced under the sand in the bunker. If it is in sand you can leave a small part of the ball visible in order to see the ball when you take your shot.