Rule of the Month

June 2020

What are my Options when I am in a Penalty Area?

Penalty Areas
Rule 17 Diagram showing Penalty Area Relief Options – (When marked as Red)
• Ball is played from 1 and crosses into water at X
• Player has option to go back to where he/she last played (stroke and distance) - point 1
• Back on a line relief – player selects a reference point back on the line and drops the ball within a club-length - point 2
• Lateral relief – player must drop a ball within two club-lengths of point X - point 3
• All under penalty of one
If the Penalty Area is marked as yellow the Lateral Relief at point 3 is not available.
There is now no relief equidistant from the pin on the opposite side of the Penalty Area (water hazard) unless a Club Committee brings in a Local Rule for a particular Penalty Area.