Rule of the Month

March 2020

What are my options when my ball is in such a bad lie I cannot possibly play it?

Unplayable Ball – Rule 19 – Three options for relief under penalty of one stroke: - Stroke and Distance relief (see 1 below), Back on a line relief (see 2 below) or Lateral Relief (see 3 below). Stroke and Distance is going back to where you played the previous shot under penalty of one. If where you played the previous shot was the Teeing Area you can tee the ball anywhere within the Teeing Area. Back on a line relief is going back on a line with the ball and the pin, marking the point of relief and dropping in a relief area of one club length not nearer the hole, and Lateral Relief is dropping in the Relief Area 2 club lengths from the ball not nearer the hole. Remember to drop from knee height. Unplayable ball